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Thursday, February 03, 2005

No, Seriously, Melissa Fryrear is a Stupid Idiot

So, I went searching for some more information about Melissa Fryrear. She certainly has distinguished herself as an ex-gay, collecting lots of money in speaking fees at fundie conferences. Hmmmm..... Don't be surprised if you start hearing my name as an ex-gay in the future, too. I could use the extra spending money. I just hope my boyfriend doesn't find out.

Anyway, Mr. Fryrear (her)self was bitch-slapped by the readers on Pam's House Blend, a blog at pamspaulding.com/weblog/. Here are the best comments:

"First of all, it's interesting that the biggest, most recognizable names on that list are all women. Secondly, how was Mandy Moore not already on their shitlist after 'Saved,' which was a brilliantly funny movie that skewered Christian conservatives? One of the most hilarious scenes in the film is when Moore's character hurls a Bible at Jena Malone's character, while screaming, 'I am FILLED with Christ's love!!!' That wasn't objectionable to them, but singing on behalf of a non-profit that protects gays and lesbians is. Okay. I never cease to be baffled by the bizarre inconsistencies of the Right."

"These wingnuts wouldn't know love if it jumped up and bit em' on the ass!"

"I know she didn't get to choose her name, but I do have to admit that it is amusing to me in a very childish way... Fryrear?"

"I'm still concerned about Ms. Fryrear's 'former lesbian' status because of her fixation on all these female artists."

"Question - Is HRC "'..the most aggressive pro-gay lobby organization today'? I think Melissa overstates just a bit to scare the fundies a bit more. Anyways, I am so glad you always post pictures of the principals. I mean, Ms. Melissa may not be sleeping with women anymore (but who knows?), her positioning in that publicity photo of hers sure does scream, 'I'm a dyke, very agressive in bed - now who's ready for some action?' Does it not?"

"First of all, whoever the lesbian is that broke poor Melissa's heart so badly that she was driven to decide all lesbians are evil needs to apologize. I am sure you had your reasons, and I can guess from Melissa's quotes what they might have been, but step up and take one for the team, mmmkay? Secondly, instead of boycotting, why don't they find some homophobic pop stars and make their own CD? Because their CD would be very short and would totally suck."

"OK, I see I'm not alone. The *second* I saw Ms. Fryrear (LOVE THAT NAME) I thought 'Dyke!' God, another messed up supposedly former gay person. SIGH."

"I'm also glad we now have clarity on Ms. fryrear's sexual orientation, and her new 'choice'. the first time I saw her picture, i wondered, but i would never verbablly assume -- what does a picture say? Now that I have clarification, I am glad to know my gaydar is fully functioning!"


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