In a country that doesn't (officially) recognize state-sponsored religion, whose Constitution says "all men are created equal," where bigotry and bias are abhorred — why do otherwise intelligent and sensitive people feel they can engage in hate speech against gay people?

Despite tenets such as [More...]



We're seeking other writers who would like to monitor news reports and file their discoveries and perspectives here. If you're interested, click here to send an e-mail.



Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't Forget She's Also A Gay-Baby Maker

John Aravosis at AMERICAblog has a gift for writing headlines:

Lesbian sex novelist uncomfortable with Hillary as president
by John Aravosis (DC) · 10/17/2007 09:56:00 PM ET
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Like anyone cares what Lynne Cheney thinks.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's A New Day!

It's a new day! The U.S. House of Representatives just passed Federal Hate Crimes legislation titled Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007 by a vote of 237 to 180.

It was enough to urge me out of a rock I've been living under, more or less. Keeping up with this blog just wasn't raising my spirits the way it used to, so I ignored it. But, I suspect that's why the hateful bigots ceaselessly pepper our discussions with their misguided views and tactics. They are hoping good people will start to lose faith. However, I earnestly believe the words of Martin Luther King: "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

In due time, I'll write more about my hiatus and the things I achieved in the time I was absent. But, this blog isn't about me. It's about adding my voice to a growing tide of fair-minded people who think all American deserve to be treated with inherent dignity and respect -- a tide I believe will eventually drown out the voices of hateful people who will stop at nothing to manipulatively and deceitfully use religion to divide us. These people truly have no shame.

These are people such as:

Focus on the Family's James Dobson,
who calls a federal hate crimes bill "insidious legislation...that could silence and punish Christians for their moral beliefs." If only it could silence false "Christians" -- wolves in sheep's clothing -- such as him.

The Family Research Council, which claims federal hate crimes legislation would create a "caste system" because police would receive federal money for investigating the hate crime if the person was gay. Patently false. Apparently no one in these Stepford families has been the target of harassment or violence because he or she is different. Goody for them.

Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition, who claims a federal hate crimes bill would harm "religious freedom" and that Christians could be prosecuted for "preaching against homosexuality." Not true -- unless the preaching turns violent. It's frightening this blowhard makes such an illogical leap. Wonder what type of Nazi-esque witch burnings and cult sessions she has up her sleeve.

This legislation would grant local law enforcement officials federal funds for the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes motivated out of prejudice and hate that result in serious bodily injury and death. This bill is about violent actions! Not about what someone believes.

And, yet, these fanatical folks don't see the ultimately irony. They cry out because they fear they will be punished and condemned for what they want to believe and speak out about. But, extending that same courtesy to anyone else? No way!!! That type of open-mindedness is to be squelched and thwarted!

They don't get that extending protections to everyone -- the act of including folks who are marginalized, ostracized and victimized -- might actually serve them. They are content to die by their own sword.

I know these people can be ignorant and thick. But, let's not fool ourselves. They know they are being disingenuous. They know they are creating bogey men and false situations to try to coerce folks to buy what they're selling. It's disheartening they believe their followers can be so easily duped. It's more disheartening that some folks seem to listen to them. But I believe this number is growing smaller every day. Every day their hateful and dishonest rhetoric is turning people away.

It's quite desperate when folks can't believe in the truth of their message -- and have to resort to blatant lies and empty rhetoric.

Yes, it's a new day. No longer does this fringe cult of people have the ear of legislators -- or the people at large. No longer do they have carte blanche to turn this country into such a hateful place where only a certain set of views and lifestyle is acceptable. They had a good run, but -- in all honesty -- they have proven tedious. Americans see through their doublespeak and have begun to recognize their ultimate goals -- power, control, money -- are far from religious or Christian. What an opportunity they wasted -- to spread the real word of God. But, it pervades. And every day it sounds less and less like what these folks are preaching.

Onward to the Senate!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Holy Matrimony! According To Donald Wildmon's "Logic," Homosexual Marriage Is Now Legal In All 50 States

I know I spend a lot of time writing about ignorant hypocrites. I honestly just tackle what comes my way. Tomorrow, however, I'll be writing about a pretty cool guy (who just happens to be heterosexual) doing a really cool thing. That's a nice thing to hold until Sunday.

Today is Saturday, though, and I thought you'd appreciate a good laugh. Yup — it's Donny Wildmon and the AFA again. I swear he's trying to put together enough material to publish his own version of the series, "Letters From A Nut."

Sometimes the AFA e-mails escape my attention when they first arrive. Oh, I read them eventually — but a lot of time I have more important things to do from moment to moment than read the lies and delusions of a righteous, misguided holy roller. Such is the case with the note below. It came a few weeks ago, about the time the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" was going down in defeat, and has lingered in my "in" box.

But I truly believe God works in mysterious ways. Had I read this a few weeks ago, it might not have seemed as laughable. I might have taken some of it seriously enough to warrant a serious response. But now, weeks after the embarrasing outcome of the debate of Wildmon's pet issue, I'm in the enviable position to post it as some grade-A comic material.

Nevermind the fact that Wildmon employs such overblown hyperbole and overstated threats it would make a third grade writing teacher cringe; instead, focus on what he warns will happen if the measure goes down in defeat. Knowing that's exactly what did happen, lie back and wait for a better day to come for us all — it will be soon!, according to Donny — and think about what he must have felt when he heard the results.

May 28, 2006

Activist Judge Overturns Marriage Laws; Homosexual Marriage Now Legal In All 50 States

...How would you like to wake up one morning and learn that the above headline was the top story in every newspaper in America? That hasn't happened — YET! But gradually, little by little, that is where we are headed. A similar headline will appear in your paper soon unless enough people send a message to their U.S. Senators!

The vote on the Marriage Protection Amendment (sponsored by Sen. Wayne Allard of Colorado), making marriage legal only between one man and one woman, is scheduled for a vote in the Senate June 6.

...How has a small minority of less that 2% been able to force this on the American public? One reason is that those who believe in traditional marriage have been silent.

Some Senators feel they are safe voting against the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA) by confusing their constituents with a lot of political double talk. Regardless of the political double-talk, remember this: If a Senator votes against the MPA, he or she is in reality voting for homosexual marriage.

Your Senators need to hear from you today! Tell them you want them to vote for the MPA. Let them know that if they refuse to do so you will remember it when election time comes. That is tough language, but the homosexual grip on some Senators is so strong that that is the only language some understand.

Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

Poor, Donny: So alone, powerless and scared. My heart really goes out to him. If only he'd push his ego aside for one moment and really listen to what God is trying to tell him. He's in my prayers. Honestly — he is.

But he won't ever be moved to do that until he stops lying to himself and his flock. "Less than two percent"? C'mon, Donny, you can't really believe you know better than what most educated people believe and prominent researchers have found. When you tell distortions like this, you don't instill faith in what you're preaching — to anyone. Besides, equality is equality, whether it pertains to a million people or a handful. We don't accord equal rights in this country by "majority rules." If we did, I have a feeling enough folks would step up to squealch your perogative to disseminate such poorly-constructed, simple-minded, easily-refuted arguments. You're kind of a pain in the ass, and I know a lot of people would favor the passage of a "Protection From Pains In The Ass" Amendment.

(By the way, can anyone tell me what the "homosexual grip" is? Does it cause serious sneezing and uncontrollable coughing? You'd think senators would be pushing for a vaccine for this.)

Fun With Forms: Donny Wildmon Takes On The Governor of Maryland; Success Improbable

Donald Wildmon is kind of thick. Until he starts developing a different line, the ways he tries to encourage fair-minded people to be more discriminatory and intolerant are going to continue to be met with laughter and a "this dude is really kind of thick."

In today's missive to his sheeple, Wildmon, who is self-appointed chairman of the self-created American "Family" Association, is up in arms because the governor of Maryland fired someone for publicly expressing views hostile to gays and lesbians.

I don't want anyone to believe I think this is anything less than a sticky episode. I think people should be allowed to express what they believe. It opens a door for more enlightened people to show them where their beliefs are faulty and how they are using their religion as an excuse to remain small-minded. And, the First Amendment allows us the freedom to express ourselves — and it doesn't say we always have to be right. By firing this employee, maybe the governor missed an opportunity to educate him.

On the other hand, the employee serves at the will of the governor in a position in which he determines policy for all citizens. His viewpoints indicates he probably is not motivated to provide service to all his constituents in an equal, fair manner — even those who happen to be gay. It's akin to the current argument well-rooted Americans are making: If your religious views won't allow you to dispense any medications to all your customers, then you shouldn't accept a job being a pharmacist in a place where you'll be expected to do just that (but that's a topic for a different day).

Still, I could potentially see merit in Wildmon's crusade du jour — if he stuck to the point and made it an issue about freedom of expression. But then he sends out an e-mail that mis-states the situation, exaggerates the governor's words and stance and the gravity of his action and, most notably, uses a poor argument to get his point across — and suddenly I'm believing one hundred percent that the governor did the right thing. Way to go, Donny! Way to change hearts and minds!

(Note to anyone who wants to see religion enter into and influence more of our public discussions — a notion I am not entirely against — within reason: If this man has taken up the pulpit to be your most prominent spokesman, I suggest you distance yourself from him A.S.A.P. — or at least force him to take an introductory logic course.)

So, on to the form that Wildmon wrote out for me to click and send:

I'm sorry to learn of your intolerant attitude toward those who hold different views from you concerning homosexuality and homosexual marriage.

I find it strange that you say your administration promotes tolerance, but is intolerant to those who hold different views.

I ask that Mr. Smith be re-instated in his position on the Metro board and be allowed to express his personal views just as you allow those who hold a different view of homosexual behavior to express their views.

And here's what actually went to the governor's office:

Dear Governor Ehrlich,

I'm concerned you might get notes such as the one (above) and mistakenly think they are an actual reflection of what fair-minded, kind Americans believe. In fact, the American Family Association is orchestrating a campaign to bully you into being less tolerant and enlightened than you are.

What concerns me the most is that, to arouse their "members," the AFA sent an e-mail that twists your words around, attributing sentiments to you that are overboard and not an accurate reflection of your stance. It would be one thing to relay the facts and encourage folks to have an opinion about this issue. It's another to lie to and manipulate people in pursuit of some heavy-handed end. Despite the AFA's self-proclaimed virtue, this behavior doesn't seem Christian at all.

Regardless, I applaud your recent action and stand with you in standing firm against those who use their religions as an excuse to be anything less than loving, understanding and compassionate human beings.

Macy's Apologizes, Reaffirms Commitment to GLBT Community

I knew the fat lady hadn't sung about this whole affair yet. Well, she's belting it out now — and it's a requiem for MassResistance. That's the name of the radically intolerant fringe group of mAssholes I wrote about on Wednesday — the ones who were boasting they organized an effort forcing Macy's to take down a window display of two male mannequins in front of a Gay Pride schedule.

It seems the group's impact on the entire episode was only a charade — enormously inflated and grossly overstated.

Macy's has issued an apology to the gay community because of what they call a "mistake" and has reaffirmed its commitment to gay and lesbian concerns.

From the letter of apology from Macy's East Chairman & CEO Ron Klein:

To the Members of the GLBT Community:

...First, let me stress that Macy's commitment to diversity and to the GLBT community is unwavering. Our history is rooted in inclusiveness, and it is a core principle of Macy's.

I do recognize, however, that during Boston Pride Week, our actions did not appear to support that commitment. Every one of us in the Macy's family sincerely regrets that what we had genuinely intended to be a celebration of Gay Pride Week became the center of a controversy.

For many years, our company has dedicated a window in our Downtown Crossing store in Boston to Pride Week, and we did so enthusiastically again this year.

When the controversy arose over the content of our display, the decision was made to maintain the display with no changes. We wanted to stand firm in our support of Boston Pride Week and the GLBT community — just as we always have.

Unfortunately, as sometimes happens in large organizations, a miscommunication occurred and the controversial mannequins were removed. Again, they were not removed because of pressure — but because of an internal breakdown in communication. Macy's mistake — unquestionably.

Some can also call our decision not to return the mannequins to the window a mistake. Historically, our windows dedicated to causes and celebrations have always been executed through the use of text and props such as posters. We traditionally do not feature mannequins in these "community windows" because the introduction of merchandise has no role in our tributes.

I would ask the GLBT community to consider all that we did do — and have done — for Pride Week and the GLBT community. We did feature the Pride Week calendar of events in our window; we have done so for many years and are committed to doing so in the future. We hope the GLBT community will look past one element in a window display and recognize the exemplary record Macy's has in support of diversity and the GLBT community. We are one of the most supportive companies in the country to our GLBT employees, including many members of senior management, as well as, vendors, and customers. Our annual support of Pride Week in Boston and in other cities across the country should clearly demonstrate our commitment.

Am I regretful that Macy's made a mis-step in this instance? Yes. I am also regretful that some may question our commitment to the GLBT community based on this incident.

However, I am hopeful that Macy's long track record of support for inclusion and diversity will be remembered by the GLBT community and will be a strong counterbalance now that the facts are known.

As a Macy's employee, I am proud that our company supports and marches in Pride parades in Boston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, St. Petersburg, Seattle, and New York City (where I have personally marched for several years). I am proud of Macy's participation in AIDS walks in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami and New York City. I am proud of Macy's Passport fashion event, held in San Francisco and Los Angeles, that has raised $21 million for HIV/AIDs research since 1988. I am proud of Macy's 86 ranking in the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index — the second-highest ranking possible. And I'm proud of all the community partnerships, events, awards programs, marketing campaigns, recruiting efforts, and education and awareness programs undertaken by Macy's with and for the GLBT community.

I can tell you with deepest sincerity that Macy's commitment to diversity and to the GLBT community always will be an important part of our company and our community outreach.

I'm telling you — reading this makes me proud of the company — and regretful I didn't give the folks there the benefit of the doubt over a bunch of loony-toon zealots who have nothing better to do with their time than police store windows. This company has been and is one of our strongest allies, and — as this letter attests — their hearts and minds are well-rooted. If you gave them any guff over this incident, please let them know their apology is graciously and humbly accepted.


Boston Herald: Error, Not Pressure, Killed Gay Display

In Newsweekly editorial: Macy's Did The Right Thing

And continue to check out Boston Bud's excellent blog, MassResistance Watch, in which he consistently exposes the group's distortions and small-mindedness. One of his recent posts regarding Macy's apology letter astutely points out:
The last two paragraphs of the article caught my eye and is most interesting (and funny):

Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance, the conservative group formerly named Article 8 Alliance, which launched an Internet and e-mail protest against the store urging a boycott over the window, insisted it was his group that prompted the action.

“They definitely bowed to our pressure,” Camenker said, adding that he plans to send more e-mails urging supporters of his group to boycott the store chain because of Klein’s letter.

"And if I stamp my feet and hold my breath until I turn blue..." What I find funny is if you contrast that with them talking about the gay community calling for a boycott. This is from their June 13th email update:

As the Macy's incident continues to make news not only here but, we're told, now in Europe, the fun continues.

One of the interesting aspects of this is the complete fit that the homosexual community is having over it, which seems to us quite out of proportion to any rational reation. A major homosexual magazine, The Advocate, has called for a national boycott of Macy's because of YOUR show of force!

So using their logic, Article 8/MassResistance's boycott is because of YOUR show of force! Congrats!

I'm not certain I could ever find "logic" in Mass Resistance's delusional methods — but it's a point well-made nevertheless! Congrats, all!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Who Would Jesus Fire?

I simply love finding stories like these. They eloquently illustrate that the folks who are against "tolerating" gay people have views that go a lot more deep and insidious. Ignore them when they rally against the gays, and one day you'll be fighting them when they righteously try to pass laws saying kids shouldn't hold hands at roller rinks or people who are 18 years old shouldn't have the prerogative to live with whomever they please. Ludicrous, I know — but it's precisely these views to which these particular freaks subscribe.

I guess in their view of things, the world is a place that is constantly frightening, teeming at every moment with threats and temptation. It's so overwhelmingly evil that they feel the need to police it for you. Holding hands during a skate could never be an innocent, heart-warming sign of friendship like it was when you or I were kids. Nope — to them such behavior leads to STDs.

Now, who's corrupting our kids again?

I have young neices and nephews, and if anyone ever tried to teach them this shit — that the world is a constantly dangerous and evil place — I'd be kicking ass. Believe what you want — make your life as empty and as unfulfilling as you wish — but don't try to rob others of a view that says the world can be loving, fun and innocent.

These freaks are constantly trying to save others from the threats they perceive — which actually says more about them than the rest of us. What is it inside of them — what demonic force — causes them to see evil at every turn? What are they hiding? As they continue their righteous yet schizophrenic crusades, it's becoming more and more clear. We need to save our children and ourselves from them.

Fired – For Love Without Marriage

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho, June 16, 2006 — The owners of a roller skating rink have fired an 18-year-old woman they called one of their "Top 10" employees because she moved in with her boyfriend, violating a company ethics policy that prohibits "live-in relationships of an intimate nature."

"I loved my job and I didn't want to leave," Crystal Plotner told the Coeur d'Alene Press this week.

She said she was fired after casually telling her bosses, Skate Plaza owners Marvin and Pat Miller, that she planned to move in with her boyfriend in mid-May.

Before terminating her, Plotner said the Millers said she and her boyfriend should "check out their church." She declined.

"Even if I had gone to their church, I don't think it would have saved my job," said Plotner, who worked at Skate Plaza for three years and made $9.25 an hour. "They didn't want me to live with my boyfriend. They were pushing their religion on me and I was offended. I don't have the same religious beliefs as they do."

Pat Miller praised Plotner, saying that "In all the years that we've employed people, she was one of the Top 10. It was a sad day when she left because everybody loved her."

But Miller added, "We've had our (employee) handbook out for many years and it does say if you live in an immoral way with a member of the opposite sex or same sex, you will be terminated."

Miller said that in talking with Plotner, they were approaching the issue as employers, friends and Christians.

"Our advice is not to do this," Miller added. "It's fine and certainly her business that she did, but either we throw the handbook out or follow what's in it."

Pat Miller said they attempt to set a good example in the community because their business draws young people.

"If we owned a roofing company, it wouldn't have mattered," Pat Miller said. "We screen our music carefully. We have a 4-inch rule. We don't allow petting, necking or bad language. You have to decide, what kind of establishment do you want to be? We want parents to feel comfortable bringing their kids here."

She said it is the first time they have fired someone for living with a boyfriend or girlfriend, though they have rejected some applicants for that reason.

"When we first put it in we checked with our attorney, and he said we could do it as long as it's consistent."

Skate Plaza's moral and ethics policy also bans such behaviors as "public displays of promiscuous activities, homosexuality, intoxication, use of profanity, lewd behavior, use of illegal drugs, child abuse, spouse abuse, unlawful relationships, cross-dressing, stalking and nudity."

Leslie Goodard, director of Idaho's Human Rights Commission, said the policies don't appear to violate Idaho employment law.

"There is no statute that directly prohibits discrimination based on marital status, and sexual orientation is not protected," said Goodard.

But Jack Van Valkenburgh, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Boise, said Skate Plaza might be violating federal discrimination laws.

"It sounds to me as though they're pushing their religious view of what a proper living situation should be," he said.

For her part, Plotner said she's through with Skate Plaza.

"They're already judging me for how I live my life and it wouldn't be the same," she said. — via The Associated Press

In case you missed it: Whose example of forgiveness and peace in this incident is stronger? The misguided couple trying to force their ideas about morality on everyone by, ah, cold-heartedly firing a good employee? Or the girl they've deemed as immoral who doesn't begrudge them, who essentially turns the other cheek?

And my favorite part of the article is when one of the holy rollers demonstrates her ignorance far and wide so we all will be sure exactly what kind of redneck dumbass she is:
"...Either we throw the handbook out or follow what's in it."

Memo to Ms. Miller: Since you wrote the handbook — and since it's kind of lame, anyway — maybe throwing it out is better than what you did. See, those of us who are confident in our faiths don't even feel the need to have a handbook. Take a lesson.


Let the Millers know what you think about their handbook. E-mail them at info@skateplazacda.com.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bring A Petition To Church! See What Happens!

For all the rest of us, church is a place to worship, share community and reflect on the goodness that comes from God's blessings on us.

For Donald Wildmon and the American "Family" Association, church is a prime spot to pass out political petitions seeking to bully an American company into ditching their efforts to promote tolerance and diversity — because, apparently, those aren't ideals of which Americans are supposed to be supportive anymore.

Via e-mail:

June 14, 2006

...Did you know that Ford Motor Company forces their employees to undergo "Diversity Training"? At Ford, "Diversity Training" means forced attendance at company sponsored meetings which are used to promote the homosexual lifestyle. Attendance is required. Employees cannot opt out. In their "Diversity Training" homosexual leaders present the homosexual lifestyle and teach employees to accept that lifestyle.

No other view of homosexuality is allowed to be presented. No one is allowed to speak against the homosexual lifestyle or present the serious health problems associated with it. At Ford, "diversity" means there is only one view of homosexuality — that presented by the homosexuals — and that is the only view Ford will allow.

Take Action

When asked to remain neutral in the cultural battle regarding homosexual marriage, Ford refused and chose to promote the homosexual agenda.

• Click here to call Ford Motor Company and let them know you are participating in the boycott.
• Click here to print out a Boycott Ford Petition and distribute at your church.
• Click here to sign the Boycott Ford Pledge if you have not already done so....


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

Here's a word of warning. I'll be doing some travelling this summer and probably will be taking in some masses at churches outside my area. I consider church a sacred space — a place where I expect not to be bothered by marketing or incendiary political activity. If anyone — even in a polite manner — dares to put a petition such as this in front of me at church — well, let's just say you won't be going home with anything less than a crumpled, ripped-up piece of paper.

And, on top of that, you might just end up on the receiving end of a healthy, but very righteous, bitch slap, too.

I know the concept of church as a holy place is lost on hateful zealots such as Donald Wildmon. But I certainly won't be sitting idly by as he attempts to ruin it for the rest of us. Bring it on, Donny boy. Where would you like me to leave my mark?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What A Bunch Of mASSholes!

I read about this on a few sites after it happened. I'm linking to Billy Masters because — well, it's a pretty cool site. If you don't go there routinely to get the goods on your favorite celebrities, you're hopelessly missing out.

Anyway, check out how Macy's has snubbed their gay and fair-minded customers — buying into some sort of idea that arranging two male mannequins next to each other symbolizes gay sex and is something they need to censor:

This is Gay Pride Month, and it should be a joyous and uplifting occassion. But that's not the case in Billy's native Boston. To commemorate the event, the department store Macy's designed a window at its Downtown Crossing location around a schedule of gay pride activities. Included in the display were two buff mannequins — both in tight T-shirts and one wearing a gay pride flag wrapped around his waist. The conservative watchdog group Mass Resistance objected to the display and asked supporters to call Macy's and complain. Within a day, the mannequins were gone — although the schedule remained. Macy's spokeswoman Elina Kazan felt this was an acceptable compromise and stated, "[The display] did offend a few of our customers, and we had to re-examine it." The more things change....

OK — File this under: Isn't There Something Better You Could And Should Be Doing With Your Time? I guess the folks who "support" mASS Resistance have very, very simple lives. Still, they got the ear of someone at Macy's — so kudos to them. I mean, this display probably would have gone relatively unnoticed — but thanks to their efforts, the entire nation has gotten to see it. Way to go!

Macy's ought to be ashamed about being so easily duped. The two mannequins weren't even holding hands — how does that offend anyone? Was it what they were wearing? Maybe Macy's ought to consider that when they promote some of the spring lines.

But, that's cool. I tell you what — I know a few of my gal pals really object to the window displays that feature female mannequins in bikinis, undergarments or other revealing outfits. I mean, what kind of message does this convey to young girls?

But there is recourse. Macy's has just established an interesting protocol. If a display offends a few people and they call in to complain, they'll remove the offending parts. So, I assume they will be taking down any display that offends from here on out. Feminists — unite with your mass resistance! Gals who aren't skinny as store mannequins — don't take this crap anymore! Folks who think butt floss and naval-baring is offensive: RISE UP!

As I like to say: Stay tuned.

For Pete's sakes, people — This is fashion. Get over yourselves.


In researching this post, I found a great web site that keeps tabs on this group of mAssholes: http://massresistancewatch.blogspot.com. Visit and bookmark it now.

They are an interesting group. That is, if you equate "interesting" with "seriously disturbed."

According to the site, Macy's angered the mAssheads because they only removed the mannequins — they wanted the entire window display squealched. When that didn't happen, the group vowed to continue the fight:
Even though the mannequins were removed, [the group proclaimed,] "THAT IS NOT ENOUGH, WE MUST CONTINUE THE PRESSURE."


Even MORE entertaining, check out the blog published by these mAssholes themselves! It would be completely hilarious if it wasn't so hyperbolic, incendiary and ludacrois.

Wait a minute — no, it really is completely hilarious. For instance, the Massfaces really have an issue with what they see as a difference between Macy's "heterosexual" mannequins and the "gay" ones:

It seems [a Mass Reistance critic] is also confused over male-female physiology, and can't quite bring herself to admit that Macy's "gay" male mannequins do NOT exhibit normal pectoral muscles. (And she also seems to be strangely focused on Victoria's Secret mannequin breasts. Have they "undermined [her] confidence" in her own body? Why bring up Victoria's Secret in a discussion of radical homosexual propaganda?)

Wow. You can't make this shit up. I can't believe Macy's would ever feel inclined to align with these folks. I suspect they haven't been tipped off to the views they present on their site — otherwise they might not have been so easily fooled into believing they were dealing with sane people.

Hmmm — looks as though I have a few phone calls to make and letters to write. Again — stay tuned....


Macy's has made wikipedia. I'm thinking the fat lady is not singing about all this just yet:
A national boycott campaign has began for consumers (straight or gay) offended by Macy's decision to appease bigotry. Many cut up or returned their Macy's credit cards with a request to cancel their accounts. The boycott called for offended consumers to not shop at any store owned by Federated Department Store, Inc. until Macy's offers a public apology to the citizens of Boston, takes the mannequins "out of the closet," and puts them back into the store window.

And, as Queerty reports, an article in the Advocate, the gay and lesbian newsweekly, will bring the brouhaha to — well, pretty much every gay person in America and beyond (subscribers will relay the news to their friends and acquaintances who aren't Advocate readers). That can't be good.

In the end, as David at Queerty points out, the crux of the whole controversy is likely to be settled when Macy's reflects on this essential question:
Why cater to right-wing conservatives when they aren't your market, anyhow?


Below I've posted word-for-word a recent column by the Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman. His analysis is spot-on. And, the metaphor in his second paragraph is pretty accurate and telling, too. Sail on!

Foes Of Gay Rights Can't Win

June 14, 2006 — After the Senate's rejection of the Marriage Protection Amendment, supporters tried to portray it as nothing more than a temporary setback. "We are making progress," announced Kansas Republican Sam Brownback, noting that since the last vote two years ago, 14 states have approved bans on same-sex marriage.

If this is progress, it's on the order of a shipwreck survivor swimming toward the nearest island, 500 miles away: going in the right direction, but with no chance of getting there. All the leading indicators suggest that the smartest thing the amendment's supporters could do is pack it in.

They are getting no traction in the Senate. In 2004, 48 senators went on the record in support. This time, the number in favor was 49. Approving a constitutional amendment requires a two-thirds vote, or 67 out of 100 senators. At the current rate of progress, Tallahassee will be hosting the Winter Olympics before this measure is ratified.

Contrary to the hopes of supporters, the Senate vote was about as good as things will get. Mr. Brownback seems oblivious to the obvious, which is that when states ban gay marriage, they undermine rather than strengthen the case for the amendment.

If states can limit marriage to heterosexual couples, and if they can refuse to recognize same-sex weddings performed elsewhere (meaning Massachusetts), there is no need to fiddle with the work of the founders. That helps to explain why seven Republicans, including the apparent front-runner for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination, John McCain, were willing to stand against the proposal.

The state-level successes on gay marriage are about the only ones Mr. Brownback's side can boast. On other fronts, the portents are anything but auspicious.

Start with public attitudes, which are growing more favorable to gays and gay rights. The hard right thinks the citizenry absolutely detests "activist judges," but when the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stunning decision overturning state laws against sodomy in 2003, the public barely blinked. In fact, 74 percent favored striking down such statutes. If Mr. Brownback and his allies think the public is with them on gay issues, where is the federal anti-sodomy amendment?

The greatest consolation for them is that same-sex marriage is still unpopular. But more than half of Americans endorse either gay marriage or civil unions, which are marriages in all but name. Vermont and Connecticut have legalized civil unions, without attracting 1 percent of the attention that has gone to Massachusetts. Once considered a radical step, this has the look of a sensible compromise.

A more telling sign is the huge shift in opinion on discrimination. In 1977, when Gallup asked if homosexuals should have "equal rights in terms of job opportunities," 56 percent said yes and 33 percent no. Now, opposition to this form of gay rights has only slightly broader appeal than the Socialist Workers Party. This year, 89 percent of Americans favored equal employment rights, with only 9 percent disagreeing.

That evolution suggests attitudes on gay marriage are likely to grow more positive, not less. The battle for tolerance largely has been won among young people, who will be guiding policy in the not-too-distant future. "They're much, much, much more accepting" of gay rights than their elders, says American Enterprise Institute polling expert Karlyn Bowman.

Growing tolerance presents a huge obstacle to another cause of social conservatives. Earlier this year, they were trumpeting a multistate push to ban adoption by same-sex couples - to prevent homosexuals from "experimenting on children through gay adoption," in the words of Russell Johnson, head of the Ohio Restoration Project.

It seemed a shrewd and logical follow-up to the state-by-state offensive against gay marriage. Since Florida was alone in explicitly outlawing adoptions by same-sex couples, the opponents of gay adoption thought they had a target-rich environment, not to mention a winning issue with voters.

But they had a little problem launching the campaign. Kent Markus, director of the National Center for Adoption Law and Policy at Capital University Law School in Ohio, says that in state after state, "it peeked above the surface and got knocked right back down. Nothing has gained any momentum anywhere in the United States."

Right now, the defeat of the marriage amendment is a disappointment to opponents of gay rights. But someday, it will look like the good old days. — Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune

Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Point: Mary Matalin Is A Disingenuous, Morally-Bankrupt, Brain-Dead Whore For Republicans

I don't really know who Mary Matalin is (according to Think Progress, she's "a former counselor to Vice President Cheney and an influential strategist for the White House"), and I probably could care less. She's tripping all over herself these days to be Ann Coulter's defender. If that isn't a position akin to being a fluffer on an animal porn set, I don't know what is.

Check out the disingenuous drivel that falls so easily from this woman's lips:

IMUS: What did you make of the Ann Counter deal?

MATLIN: I take her larger point that in the absence of being able to make persuasive arguments you throw out messengers that — can’t be — it’s politically incorrection to argue with, you know the verbiage is a little, a little stressful.

IMUS: So you thought her comments about these women…

MATLIN: I take her larger point, which is —

IMUS: Why can’t you comment on her calling these women harpies.

MATLIN: Because that’s not her point. That’s completely not her point.

IMUS: Well no, but saying that they were happy their husbands got killed and were going to divorce them. And yeah, that they’re getting long in the tooth. Maybe they ought to think about appearing in Playboy, which is an option.

MATLIN: What do you think about her point? Her point that you can’t — you know Cindy Sheehan — if you throw yourself in the political arena, then you should be able to address political issues, and people should be able to speak back to you.

IMUS: I agree with her point.

MATLIN: Well, then that’s what I agree with.

IMUS: But I think it’s repugnant and repulsive and gutless to, and cheap and cheesey to call these women all these names. I mean, whether it’s right or not, it’s just something there’s just. You don’t go there.

MATLIN: That’s her stock and trade.

IMUS: But I’m surprised that you won’t condemn her for these repugnant remarks.

MATLIN: I don’t know her. I haven’t read the book.

IMUS: You don’t have to know her. You know what Hitler did. Did you you him? You condemn what he did.

MATLIN: Are you comparing her to Hitler?

IMUS: No, I’m not. Of course not.

MATLIN: This is the point. This is complete the point she’s making. These lefty crazy people go around calling us [unintelligible] and Hitlers and Nazis and everything and nobody say anything. She calls somebody a harpy and you’d think that the whole world was on fire.

No offense, but if that is/was truly Coulter's point (and I'm not at all certain she ever has a point beyond being a hot-headed ignoramus), it's up to her to make that point — succinctly, level-headedly, intelligently. If it's necessary for Matalin to translate and decipher Coulter's ramblings into something coherent — it's a point not made.

See, according to Mary Matalin, the way you make your point — the careful, reasoned language in which you craft it (that is, those of us with a maturity level beyond that of a 12-year-old) — is unimportant. Being sensitive, civil, unbelligerent — those are just quaint, superfluous values that don't augment or detract from your message.

When you have partisans defending the outrageous behavior of their most staunch spokespeople — no matter how outrageous their actions and diatribe are — it is certainly easy to see why civilized discourse in this country has become M.I.A.

Fine. You know, I think Mary Matalin — and Ann Coulter, too, for that matter — is an ignorant cunt-faced imbecile, soullessly clutching for power and defending characterless people just like herself because — by playing the loyal girl — the men in her party pat her head from time to time, slap her on the ass and say she "done good." Lacking any real moral compass or sense of worth, she continues to be easy prey for the Republicans she serves — and services. It's probably well past time she got off her knees, wiped the cum stains from her chin and endeavored to create a place in the world that would reveal her inherent worth — rather than chronically being a spaced-out fuck toy passed around by her right-wing pals.

Yikes.... I guess that was kind of harsh. But, no harsher than this. And, well, you see my point, right?

Fun With Forms: Kudos To The EPA!

For the record, here's the fun with forms makeover I gave the American Family Association's current alert (see post from this morning for background).

They wanted me to say:
Dear President Bush and Administrator Johnson,

I am greatly disturbed that an agency of the federal government, funded by tax dollars, would issue a proclamation celebrating June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. I ask that the EPA stop promoting this unhealthy and destructive lifestyle. I do not want my tax dollars going to a federal agency which promotes such behavior.

Instead, I wrote:
Subject: Don Wildmon Is A Total Nutjob!

Dear President Bush and Administrator Johnson,

I am greatly supportive an agency of the federal government, funded by tax dollars, has issued a proclamation celebrating June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. Kudos!

Some bigots might get their panties in a bundle and try to demand the EPA to stop promoting diversity. But, this is America — where we hold up our diversity as one of our national strengths. Anyone who pays taxes, such as gay Americans, deserves to be respected, understood and celebrated.

I am thrilled you are using my tax dollars wisely.

You can do it, too! Go to the form now! Feel free to cut and paste my words!

Someone Please Help Don Wildmon With That Log In His Eye

I'll admit — the incendiary "Action Alerts" Donny Wildon and the American Family Association sends out used to anger me. But Wildmon and his nutjobs have such a propensity to be hyperbolic, over-reaching and illogical — now they just make me laugh.

I'm confident that's the response from the folks they target, as well.

In the current incarnation of these comic masterpieces, Wildmon has his panties in a bundle because the Environmental Protection Agency (which is "funded by your tax dollars" he points out) dares to observe gay pride month:

By the way, the rampant grammatical errors are the AFA's — not mine. I've cut and pasted this verbatim.

June 10, 2006

Environmental Protection Agency (Funded by your tax dollars) Celebrates Gay And Lesbian Pride Month

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), your tax supported agency of the federal government, is currently promoting June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.

The theme for the month is "Pride, not Prejudice."

The EPA Office of Civil Rights, Diversity Program for Sexual Orientation, is sponsoring an opening event to be held on June 14. On June 28 EPA will hosts Gilles Marchildon, Executive Director for Egale Canada (Equality Canada) as a guest speaker.

Karen Higginbotham, Director, Office of Civil Rights, states there will be other activities in which the homosexual lifestyle will be celebrated in EPA offices across the country.

I thought you might like to know that the EPA, funded by your tax dollars, has joined the push for the homosexual agenda.

To see the official notice which went out to all EPA employees, click here.

Take Action

Send your email to Stephen L. Johnson, EPA Administrator, and to President George W. Bush, to protest the tax-funded EPA celebrating this destructive and unhealthy lifestyle. Forward this to your friends and family.

Our children's future is at stake. Thanks for caring enough to get involved.

Email the EPA and President Bush Now!

If you think our efforts are worthy, would you please support us with a small gift? Thank you for caring enough to get involved.


"Crazy" Donny Wildmon, Founder & Chairman (edited)
American Family Association

Okay, Donny — let's break it down.

First, not every issue is important enough to alert the President. I'll admit, he seems to have your ear from time to time. But, I think we all can agree there are some things on which we'd rather have him spend his time other than your ever-changing crusade du jour. Iraq comes to mind. Oil policy and gas prices are two others. By any chance, is it your group that distracted the man when that note about bin Laden passed his desk in early September 2001? Yeah — let's strive to not have that happen again, K?

Second, you take offense to the rubric "Pride, Not Prejudice"? So your group stands for "Prejudice, Not Pride"? Well, that explains a lot. I'm glad we have it on record.

Third, ever read Don Quijote? The only reason I ask is that — well, let's just put it in the simplest terms possible, shall we? This issue = windmills. You = Quijote. I admire your tenacity in attacking this with gusto — you certainly are consistent. But your chances of making a dent = zero.

And forth, ahh, hate to burst your bubble — really, I do — but your entire specious argument rests on your battle cry, "funded by your tax dollars." This point is so important you feel the need to highlight it in your headline. This makes sense because I know you to be a money-grubbing piece of lint. Money motivates you and your work. If you couldn't make a quick buck off rallying simple-minded folks in the name of intolerance and, ah, prejudice (see above), I'm 100 percent this issue would not be so near and dear to you and you'd move on to other, um, "pursuits."

But — even though you don't favor them — gay people in this country (which is America — I point that out in case you have forgotten and think you actually live in the Nazi Germany of your dreams) pay taxes, too. So, it would be just as accurate to say, "Environmental Protection Agency (Funded By Taxes Collected From Gay People) Celebrates Gay And Lesbian Pride Month."

Well, that certainly is alarming and a cause to action. Oh — wait a minute — no, it's not. Not at all. Not. At. All.

I mean, seriously — this is sort of an important basis of your argument. I can't believe you didn't think it through. You're going to sound more and more silly and become more and more irrelevant if/when you send these things out and they're not based on solid reasoning by which at least a few people will be duped.

I'm sure you hear this from day to day, but it bears repeating here:
Luke 6: "You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye."
OK, enough preaching from me today. (By the way, it would be GREAT if you would know when to quit, too, Donny. Really, it would.) I'm off to wreak some havoc with the form on your web site now. Ta!

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome at the United Church of Christ.


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