In a country that doesn't (officially) recognize state-sponsored religion, whose Constitution says "all men are created equal," where bigotry and bias are abhorred — why do otherwise intelligent and sensitive people feel they can engage in hate speech against gay people?

Despite tenets such as [More...]



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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Trolling for a Date

I found this posted on AMERICAblog, the site that has been persistent and (responsibly) unrelenting in trying to blow the lid off the Jeff Gannon/White House Whore cover-up. The point the Washington Post makes about Jim/Jeff asserting he wishes to return to private life -- but still trying to squeeze every misguided moment of notoriety out of this -- is priceless.

For a few laughs, log on to AMERICAblog and read the hilarious comments people have posted regarding Gannon's use of the phrase "behind-the-scenes work."

From the Reliable Source -- the must-read gossip page of the Washington Post:

C'mon, Just a Few More Minutes of Fame?

-- Trolling for a date: James Guckert (aka Jeff Gannon) is angling for an invite to the gala White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in April, saying his recent notoriety qualifies him as a great guest. "There is still time," he told Editor & Publisher this week. "There is always someone there trying to make news. Maybe this year it is going to be me." He also revealed that he's trying to line up paid speaking gigs, telling the trade mag: "There are people who are definitely interested in some of my behind-the-scenes work in the press room."

--Yes, this is the same guy who, after being linked to gay escort sites a couple of weeks ago, posted on JeffGannon.com: "In consideration of the welfare of me and my family I have decided to return to private life."

--Meanwhile yesterday, Democratic Reps. John Conyers (Mich.) and Louise Slaughter (N.Y.) asked the Government Accountability Office to expand its investigation of illegal government propaganda efforts by looking into Guckert's work as a White House reporter for the Web sites Talon News and GOPUSA. They claimed the administration "gave prepacked print stories to Mr. Guckert, which he reprinted wholesale."

Link --> http://www.americablog.blogspot.com

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

News Report: Wisconsin Senator Confronts Alderman at City Hall about Anti-Gay Remarks



Wednesday, Feb. 23 ‹
A Wisconsin State Senator publicly confronted a city of Milwaukee alderman today about comments the alderman made that disparaged gay men.

State Senator Tim Carpenter, who is openly gay, interrupted Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee Jr. during a press conference McGee held at City Hall.

Last week at a rally, McGee said, "Any man that would pull another man's pants down is a straight-up sick faggot." McGee made the comments to criticize off-duty police officers suspected of being involved in a hate crime against a black man.

Carpenter said he tried to reach McGee during the week to discuss McGee¹s comments but McGee would not return his calls. Carpenter said he felt McGee should have been willing to discuss his remarks with him because they are both elected officials.

To avoid Carpenter, McGee fled to an office and told Carpenter he was not permitted to enter. Carpenter waited with a receptionist, demanding to see McGee, until two police officers escorted him away.

Other Milwaukee aldermen have urged McGee to apologize for his comments.

McGee had planned the news conference Wednesday to reveal what he called Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's office¹s "shameful" ties to the city's black community. A spokesperson for Barrett said the mayor had no idea what McGee was referring to.

A spokesperson in  McGee¹s office said McGee would "probably not" meet with his gay and lesbian constituents to  address his anti-gay comments.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Jihad Against Journalists

The New York Times' Maureen Dowd is seriously one of the nation's best columnists. In weighing in on Gannongate, she says: "Even the Nixon White House didn't do anything this creepy." Indeed.

Impeachment, anyone?

Bush's Barberini Faun

I am very impressed with James Guckert, a/k/a Jeff Gannon.

How often does an enterprising young man, heralded in press reports as both a reporter and a contributor to such sites as Hotmilitarystud.com, Workingboys.net, Militaryescorts.com, MilitaryescortsM4M.com and Meetlocalmen.com, get to question the president of the United States?

Who knew that a hotmilitarystud wanting to meetlocalmen could so easily get to be face2face with the commander in chief?

It's hard to believe the White House could hit rock bottom on credibility again, but it has, in a bizarre maelstrom that plays like a dark comedy. How does it credential a man with a double life and a secret past?

"Jeff Gannon" was waved into the press room nearly every day for two years as the conservative correspondent for two political Web sites operated by a wealthy Texas Republican. Scott McClellan often called on the pseudoreporter for softball questions.

Howard Kurtz reported in The Washington Post yesterday that although Mr. Guckert had denied launching the provocative Web sites - one described him as " 'military, muscular, masculine and discrete' (sic)" - a Web designer in California said "that he had designed a gay escort site for Gannon and had posted naked pictures of Gannon at the client's request."

And The Wilmington News-Journal in Delaware reported that Mr. Guckert was delinquent in $20,700 in personal income tax from 1991 to 1994.

I'm still mystified by this story. I was rejected for a White House press pass at the start of the Bush administration, but someone with an alias, a tax evasion problem and Internet pictures where he posed like the "Barberini Faun" is credentialed to cover a White House that won a second term by mining homophobia and preaching family values?

At first when I tried to complain about not getting my pass renewed, even though I'd been covering presidents and first ladies since 1986, no one called me back. Finally, when Mr. McClellan replaced Ari Fleischer, he said he'd renew the pass -- after a new Secret Service background check that would last several months.

In an era when security concerns are paramount, what kind of Secret Service background check did James Guckert get so he could saunter into the West Wing every day under an assumed name while he was doing full-frontal advertising for stud services for $1,200 a weekend? He used a driver's license that said James Guckert to get into the White House, then, once inside, switched to his alter ego, asking questions as Jeff Gannon.

Mr. McClellan shrugged this off to Editor & Publisher magazine, oddly noting, "People use aliases all the time in life, from journalists to actors."

I know the F.B.I. computers don't work, but this is ridiculous. After getting gobsmacked by the louche sagas of Mr. Guckert and Bernard Kerik, the White House vetters should consider adding someone with some blogging experience.

Does the Bush team love everything military so much that even a military-stud Web site is a recommendation?

Or maybe Gannon/Guckert's willingness to shill free for the White House, even on gay issues, was endearing. One of his stories mocked John Kerry's "pro-homosexual platform" with the headline "Kerry Could Become First Gay President."

With the Bushies, if you're their friend, anything goes. If you're their critic, nothing goes. They're waging a jihad against journalists -- buying them off so they'll promote administration programs, trying to put them in jail for doing their jobs and replacing them with ringers.

At last month's press conference, Jeff Gannon asked Mr. Bush how he could work with Democrats "who seem to have divorced themselves from reality." But Bush officials have divorced themselves from reality.

They flipped TV's in the West Wing and Air Force One to Fox News. They paid conservative columnists handsomely to promote administration programs. Federal agencies distributed packaged "news" video releases with faux anchors so local news outlets would run them. As CNN reported, the Pentagon produces Web sites with "news" articles intended to influence opinion abroad and at home, but you have to look hard for the disclaimer: "Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense." The agencies spent a whopping $88 million spinning reality in 2004, splurging on P.R. contracts.

Even the Nixon White House didn't do anything this creepy. It's worse than hating the press. It's an attempt to reinvent it.

Link --> http://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/17/opinion/17dowd.html?ei=5088&en=bd6d891107175ac0&ex=1266382800%02%22ner=rssnyt&pagewanted=print&position=

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Bush Mandate: $200/Hour

I realized today I have to give the current administration its due.

With the exposure of conservative Press Corps reporter Jeff Gannon as a gay
call boy (who more than likely was servicing someone higher up), there
finally is evidence of a man-date in the Bush White House.

Whore in the White House

Those of you who know my real "day job" probably expect my absence from time to time when I have a show going on. I should be back in full steam next week. I feel I've really slighted the entire Jeff Gannon/Gay White House Press Corps Hooker story, but -- fortunately -- everyone else out there in the blogosphere is doing an amazing job of investigating and reporting. If you've missed the salacious details (Have you been living under a rock? Or just watching only FOX News?), here is a column by Wayne Besen that offers most of the pertinent and damning info. -- and reflects my take on everything, too.

Bush's Ringling Brothers Ringer

Although George W. Bush once owned The Texas Rangers, anyone who has seen him at a press conference knows that his favorite sport is really softball. Bush's penchant for puff helps to explain the mercurial rise and fall of "reporter" Jim Guckert, who went from working in a cyber-whorehouse to covering the White House as a "correspondent" for conservative Internet magazine, Talon News.

When not reporting conservative news, Guckert was a member of Bush's "ownership society". In fact, he owned seedy gay sex websites including HotMilitaryStud.com, MilitaryEscorts.com and MilitaryEscortsM4M.com. While other reporters covered a beat, Guckert's beat was under the covers.
Hypocrite-buster John Aravosis of AmericaBlog.org also posted evidence that Guckert sold himself on these websites for $200 an hour, or $1,200 a weekend. Having seen his picture, Guckert - a poor man's Mr. Clean - is guilty not just of impropriety, but overcharging.

One would think that with such a unique resume in the era of homeland security, Guckert would have had trouble getting clearance to cover the President. But this is the Age of Bush, where payola pals like Armstrong Williams, Michael McManus and Maggie Gallagher are standard fare. Still, would the administration let a gay right wing Internet pimp set up shop in a Republican White House that won partly by pandering to "values voters"?

Of course.

The administration didn't blush or blanch, but simply gave carte blanche to Guckert. Using the pseudonym Jeff Gannon, he quickly became Bush's patronizing patsy who served puff on a platter, while genuine reporters with real questions were overlooked. In his "news stories" he often cut and pasted administration press releases. The unqualified Gannon was so much a part of the White House Press Corps, he reportedly was given a classified CIA memo that outed agent Valerie Plame.

You've got to hand it to this White House. When they couldn't get the media to buy their spin, they bought the media. And now, when they couldn't get the media hook they desired, they simply got a hooker. Unfortunately for Bush, his ringer was a Ringling Brothers sexual circus.

Interestingly, Guckert was denied Capitol Hill press passes because Talon News was considered an illegitimate right wing propaganda service run by Republican rabble-rouser Bobby Eberle. Yet, he somehow got into the White House.

At the heart of the scandal are a couple of crucial questions: Was Guckert simply an ambitious prostitute or a propitious presidential plant? If he was a plant, exactly who greased the wheels that got him past tight security?

The vulgar scandal has revived Washington whispers that the supposedly anti-gay Republican Party is really nothing less than a gay affirmative action program. Glance at whose running the GOP and it looks like a Harvey Fierstein cocktail party. A few months ago, activist Mike Rogers revealed that GOP National Field Director Dan Gurley is gay and sought unsafe sex online. Rogers also revealed that Ken Mehlman, chair of the Republican National Committee, is gay.

This week, the Internet news site Raw Story posted allegations that White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan may be gay and suggested he is a common fixture at Texas gay bars - kind of like a gay, southern version of Norm on the old sitcom Cheers.

"He was often seen in gay clubs in Austin and was comfortable being there," an anonymous source told Raw Story. "He's been seen in places that normal people who are looking for heterosexual relationships are not seen alone."

Clearly, Mehlman, Gurley and McClellan are in powerful positions and have the authority to, say, get a whore through the door with press credentials. There ought to be a full investigation to find out how a man who poses in briefs got into the briefing room.

Quite frankly, I couldn't care less what people do in their spare time. If someone wants to live a miserable life and stay in the closet, it is his or her choice. If you want to cruise the Internet, just make sure you have good pictures. It only becomes my business when gay people run a party that actively works to pass a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting me from marrying. Based on their reported behavior, Gurley, Guckert and McClellan clearly aren't the marrying kind. Still, they have no right to earn their living by undermining the lives of other gay and lesbian people.

The GOP's hypocrisy on gay issues extends beyond administration officials. In 1999, right wing nut Alan Keyes spoke at a Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays conference, which falsely blames bad fathering for causing homosexuality. This week, his daughter Maya Keyes officially came out as a liberal lesbian. Talk about getting karmaed! In a demonstration of family values, Keyes threw Maya out of the house and will no longer pay for her education.

The conservative party line on homosexuality is a complete fraud. Conservatives who preach that gay people can go straight keep having gay kids. The Bush administration is the gayest in memory, although they are all quivering in the closet, or is that gyrating on the Internet? If Bush's face is ever plastered on currency, there is no doubt it should the three-dollar bill.

Find Wayne Besen's blog here --> http://www.waynebesen.com/columns/index.html

Thursday, February 03, 2005

No, Seriously, Melissa Fryrear is a Stupid Idiot

So, I went searching for some more information about Melissa Fryrear. She certainly has distinguished herself as an ex-gay, collecting lots of money in speaking fees at fundie conferences. Hmmmm..... Don't be surprised if you start hearing my name as an ex-gay in the future, too. I could use the extra spending money. I just hope my boyfriend doesn't find out.

Anyway, Mr. Fryrear (her)self was bitch-slapped by the readers on Pam's House Blend, a blog at pamspaulding.com/weblog/. Here are the best comments:

"First of all, it's interesting that the biggest, most recognizable names on that list are all women. Secondly, how was Mandy Moore not already on their shitlist after 'Saved,' which was a brilliantly funny movie that skewered Christian conservatives? One of the most hilarious scenes in the film is when Moore's character hurls a Bible at Jena Malone's character, while screaming, 'I am FILLED with Christ's love!!!' That wasn't objectionable to them, but singing on behalf of a non-profit that protects gays and lesbians is. Okay. I never cease to be baffled by the bizarre inconsistencies of the Right."

"These wingnuts wouldn't know love if it jumped up and bit em' on the ass!"

"I know she didn't get to choose her name, but I do have to admit that it is amusing to me in a very childish way... Fryrear?"

"I'm still concerned about Ms. Fryrear's 'former lesbian' status because of her fixation on all these female artists."

"Question - Is HRC "'..the most aggressive pro-gay lobby organization today'? I think Melissa overstates just a bit to scare the fundies a bit more. Anyways, I am so glad you always post pictures of the principals. I mean, Ms. Melissa may not be sleeping with women anymore (but who knows?), her positioning in that publicity photo of hers sure does scream, 'I'm a dyke, very agressive in bed - now who's ready for some action?' Does it not?"

"First of all, whoever the lesbian is that broke poor Melissa's heart so badly that she was driven to decide all lesbians are evil needs to apologize. I am sure you had your reasons, and I can guess from Melissa's quotes what they might have been, but step up and take one for the team, mmmkay? Secondly, instead of boycotting, why don't they find some homophobic pop stars and make their own CD? Because their CD would be very short and would totally suck."

"OK, I see I'm not alone. The *second* I saw Ms. Fryrear (LOVE THAT NAME) I thought 'Dyke!' God, another messed up supposedly former gay person. SIGH."

"I'm also glad we now have clarity on Ms. fryrear's sexual orientation, and her new 'choice'. the first time I saw her picture, i wondered, but i would never verbablly assume -- what does a picture say? Now that I have clarification, I am glad to know my gaydar is fully functioning!"

Melissa Fryrear Is a Stupid Idiot

The following is from the article posted below. It deserves its own response -- directly to her. I'll send it today and see whether I get a reply:

Dear Ms. Fryrear:

I learned about you, and read the following comments you made, on the web site theconservativevoice.com:

...But Focus on the Family's Melissa Fryrear, a former lesbian, said the CD's use of the word "love" is deceptive. "'Love' is one of the Trojan horses for the acceptance of homosexuality," Fryrear, a gender issues analyst, said in an e-mail to Baptist Press. "Gay activists are trying to find an argument that carries emotional weight: 'love,' after all, sounds good to everyone.

"The problem, though, is their definition of 'love' is carefully camouflaged to mean more than Cupid ever meant it to mean. Their definition is meant to mean the acceptance and the celebration of homosexuality."

First of all, I reject anyone who cites herself as a "former" lesbian. It either demonstrates you weren't really a lesbian to begin with (What did you do? Kiss your roommate in college? Hate wearing dresses growing up? Masturbate a lot and grow disturbed that -- gulp -- you're a woman yourself?) or is in denial and deep sublimation now. Doesn't the phrase "know thyself" have a Biblical basis?

Aside from that, your analysis is deeply flawed and intellectually disingenuous.

You criticizes the use of the word "love," saying gay activists are using it as a blatant device to give their relationships more emotional weight.

All right, gender studies genius -- what word should two people (in this case, of the same sex) use when they have feelings for one another? I like you? I feel you? I screw you? You're a former lesbian -- you should know the answer to this queer-y. What did you say to all those chicks you -- presumably -- had the hots for?

See, in our society, when two people are attracted to each other, they describe the sensation as being "in love." It is our most simple expression of those feelings. Sociologists will tell you the behavior occurs whether the two people are of the same sex or not. Yes -- you're right -- the words do carry an emotional weight. THAT'S THE POINT.

So, instead of using the word in a deceptive manner, as you charge, the HRC is instead invoking the common usage. No two-cent analysis or mixed metaphors from you (Trojan horse? Do you actually know what you're referring to?) can undermine that.

Are you trying to deny people the prerogative to label their own feelings? That's not only intellectually dishonest, it's ridiculous. Anyone can decode the manipulation behind your statement. And since it is so easily exposed -- it really isn't successful propaganda at all, now is it?

Furthermore, your divining rod about what determines "love" is CUPID? I suggest you re-examine the ancient story upon which you place so much importance. You might learn some things -- the least of which is that there really isn't a boy going around poking us with arrows to make us fall in love with each other. Do you really need to be reminded that true academics labels stories such as these as myths and legends?

I suggest you get your head out of your gender studies textbooks (if you, in fact, really are a trained gender studies analyst -- I'd like to know your credentials) and repeat courses in introductory anthropology, sociology, history and philosophy. Your flawed analysis is an embarrassment to your organization, your misguided cause and yourself.

And, while you're at it, could you dress a little more girly when you're at the office?

Free Publicity Never Hurts

I love the fact that some of these conservative rag blogs include a "comments" section directly below their posts for readers to add their own two cents. I presume the writer who posted the following article on "The Conservative Voice" -- about popular artists contributing to a pro-gay marriage CD -- assumed people were going to organize a revolt or something. Instead, the preponderance wanted to know where they could buy a copy immediately!

Here are some of the best bitch slaps:

"I don't think it's 'taking sides' to contribute music to a good cause. 'Taking sides' is being a big fat retard bigot and not listening to great artists like Dixie Chicks, Emmylou Harris, and Dolly Parton because they actually demonstrate human compassion and love."

"Wow! This CD sounds GREAT. So many artists standing up for love without fear of the hate spewed like so much manure from the UNreligious right. I'll be in line to buy the CD not only for myself but all my friends. Kudos to the great stars that participated."

"Thanks for making me aware of this great album -- I plan to buy a copy! And way to go, Dolly, for standing up!"

"Dolly and the others epitomize what Jesus himself said: 'Love one another,' and 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.' Conservative people really need to re-read their Bibles. Thank God for people like Dolly and these folks on this CD who are not afraid to live as Christ asked us to."

"Looks like you're waaaaaay out numbered here. Maybe you should get out of the trailer park for some fresh air. LOVE CONQUERS ALL -- even hate mongers like the RADICAL religious right bigots!"

"Like many others on here, this is the first I've heard of this album. Sounds fantastic! I'm going to mention this to all the members in the church choir I conduct as they all appreciate a wide variety of music. Thank you so much for making us aware."

Unfortunately, the article didn't include a direct link that readers could click to order the CD. But, that's OK. Thanks to the "comments" section, I fixed that oversight.

Dolly Parton, Others Compile CD Benefiting Homosexual Group

Taking sides in a cultural battle, some of the nation's top artists -- including Mandy Moore, the Dixie Chicks and Dolly Parton -- have contributed to a CD that benefits the nation's largest homosexual activist organization.

All of the proceeds from the CD, "Love Rocks," will go to the Human Rights Campaign -- a homosexual activist organization that has figured prominently in the push to legalize same-sex "marriage" nationwide and works to promote "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights."

The two-disk CD set -- which is being released just in time for Valentine's Day -- features some 30 artists, including Yoko Ono, who sings "Every Man Has a Man." Other top artists are Christina Aguilera, Emmylou Harris, Pink and Carole King.

An HRC press release called the CD "groundbreaking." It was produced in a partnership between HRC and Centaur Entertainment.

Moore, who in 2002 starred in a movie ("A Walk to Remember") targeted to Christian teens, said she is glad to be a part of the project.

³Humankind has its problems, but love isn¹t one of them,² Moore, who sings "I Feel the Earth Move," said in a statement.

³When two people -- regardless of gender -- long to care for each other, to protect each other, to treasure each other, we should do everything we can to foster that. I¹m proud to be part of this album, which does just that.²

A statement by the Human Rights Campaign said the artists came together to "celebrate love and commitment regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity."

But Focus on the Family's Melissa Fryrear, a former lesbian, said the CD's use of the word "love" is deceptive.
"'Love' is one of the Trojan horses for the acceptance of homosexuality," Fryrear, a gender issues analyst, said in an e-mail to Baptist Press. "Gay activists are trying to find an argument that carries emotional weight: 'love,' after all, sounds good to everyone.

"The problem, though, is their definition of 'love' is carefully camouflaged to mean more than Cupid ever meant it to mean. Their definition is meant to mean the acceptance and the celebration of homosexuality."

Apparently, the battle over same-sex "marriage" influenced at least some of the artists.

"My generation knows that if two people are fortunate enough to fall in love, they should be protected equally under the law," Moore told Rolling Stone.

Ono agreed.

³I just think it¹s a human rights issue,² Ono told Rolling Stone. ³The Constitution of this country is based on human rights and justice and freedom.... For [politicians] to say, ŒOK, we¹re going to change the Constitution so the gays can¹t get married,¹ I think it is outrageous.... I just immediately started to feel that it was important to send that message out that anybody can fall in love regardless of the difference of religion, or race, or sex, or age. Love is love. It¹s beautiful.²

Fryrear said that Christians should take note of the policies the Human Rights Campaign promotes.

"HRC is about more than simply promoting "love," Fryrear said. "As the most aggressive pro-gay lobby organization today, HRC is about accepting, promoting, and encouraging homosexuality combined with silencing any disagreeing opinion."

The artists that participated, Fryrear, deserve criticism.

"This is another example of celebrities using their platforms to promote the liberal ideological agenda that equates homosexuality with heterosexuality," she said.

The complete lineup of artists contributing to the CD follows: Christina Aguilera, Pink, Simply Red, Dixie Chicks, Nada Surf, Dido, Jen Foster, the Bootlickers, L.P., Sophie B. Hawkins, Keaton Simons, Rachael Yamagata, Matt Alber, Kinnie Starr, Eric Hinman, Carole King, Mandy Moore, Melissa Etheridge, the B-52's, Cyndi Lauper, Kimberley Locke, Yoko Ono, BT, Dave Koz, Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Garrin Benfield, Ari Gold, Jason and deMarco, Randi Driscoll, Billy Porter and Oleta Adams.

See for yourself --> http://www.theconservativevoice.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=2416
Order "Love Rocks" here --> http://hrccornerstore.myimagefirst.com/store/product.asp?id=271&sku=11169&mscssid=DCVLH3JUDK2N9MS5P56PB5S1AJ7F1K10


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