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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The AFA Gets (Ford) Tough

You have to hand it to the Don Wildmon and the American Family Association! They simply do not let up! The group sent out an e-mail today detailing its grand effort to boycott Ford because the company is continuing to advertise in gay publications.

The email is rife with over-statements, hyperbole and lies. It simply made me laugh out loud. I guess there are a bunch of sheep on the AFA mailing list, too.

For instance, the email states, "Ford Motor Company will continue funding homosexual groups which are pushing homosexual marriage." Interesting. I thought the AFA had their panties in a bundle about Ford's niche advertising. When did that become overt funding for "homosexual groups (that) are pushing homosexual marriage"? No offense, Donny, but if a major American corporation is putting money behind efforts to establish gay marriage, my money is on them — and not your tiddlywinks operation.

The AFA also says:

"The homosexual groups are very dedicated to their cause. They are urging their supporters to buy a Ford product to prove to Ford and America that Americans support homosexual marriage. The success of the boycott will depend on whether or not pro-family individuals are as dedicated to their cause as the homosexuals are to theirs. If pro-family individuals fail to respond with the same commitment as the homosexuals, homosexual marriage will be given a huge boost."

First off, I'm a pretty informed gay man. I can unequivocably say there has not been any effort by any major gay group to urge gay people to be Ford-tough. I'm certain many gay people — and many other Americans at large — appreciate Ford's strong commitment to diversity and disinterest in yielding to mean-spirited, fascist attempts to control society. But, that appreciation, while it plays a certain part, doesn't categorically define what vehicle we will purchase. You see, some people seem to have an advanced intelligence that enables us to realize driving a certain car is not an overt political statement.

But, hey, if the AFA wants to go on record as saying driving a Ford equals staunch support for gay marriage, I think I'll go outside and take a quick straw poll — via the number of cars I see — and assess the level of support today for gay marriage.

(Moments later…) Extra! Extra! In a scientific sample conducted via methods suggested by the American Family Association, Americans support gay marriage by a 14 to 4 margin. Alert the media!

The AFA wraps up with this: "The future of our children is at stake." Funny, I just can't seem to make the connection there. In my mind, preserving the notions of American individuality and tolerance does not present the same level of threat as do, say, cutting off funding for Head Start programs or eliminating other federal programs that support poor or middle-class families. It would be nice to see a "pro-family" group — the AFA in particular — send out an e-mail about that, no?

The most ludicrous portion from today's e-mail is a section that lists the "pro-family" groups endorsing AFA's boycott of Ford. Here's the list:

American Family Association
Center for Reclaiming America
Citizens for Community Values
Vision America
Free Market Foundation
WIN Family Services
Liberty Counsel
Point of View Radio
Coalitions for America
Mayday for Marriage
Judeo-Christian Council
Constituent Voice
Coalition for Marriage and Family
Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.
National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Quite a group there, huh? What — did the American Nazi Association not get back to you in time? How many of these are sub-groups of the AFA, just renamed and repackaged to solicit multiple donations from sheeple who don't realize the money goes into the same coffer? And, um — the "National Association of Marriage Enhancement"? Isn't that the group that's sending me all the spam advertising Viagra?


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