In a country that doesn't (officially) recognize state-sponsored religion, whose Constitution says "all men are created equal," where bigotry and bias are abhorred — why do otherwise intelligent and sensitive people feel they can engage in hate speech against gay people?

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Who Would Jesus Fire?

I simply love finding stories like these. They eloquently illustrate that the folks who are against "tolerating" gay people have views that go a lot more deep and insidious. Ignore them when they rally against the gays, and one day you'll be fighting them when they righteously try to pass laws saying kids shouldn't hold hands at roller rinks or people who are 18 years old shouldn't have the prerogative to live with whomever they please. Ludicrous, I know — but it's precisely these views to which these particular freaks subscribe.

I guess in their view of things, the world is a place that is constantly frightening, teeming at every moment with threats and temptation. It's so overwhelmingly evil that they feel the need to police it for you. Holding hands during a skate could never be an innocent, heart-warming sign of friendship like it was when you or I were kids. Nope — to them such behavior leads to STDs.

Now, who's corrupting our kids again?

I have young neices and nephews, and if anyone ever tried to teach them this shit — that the world is a constantly dangerous and evil place — I'd be kicking ass. Believe what you want — make your life as empty and as unfulfilling as you wish — but don't try to rob others of a view that says the world can be loving, fun and innocent.

These freaks are constantly trying to save others from the threats they perceive — which actually says more about them than the rest of us. What is it inside of them — what demonic force — causes them to see evil at every turn? What are they hiding? As they continue their righteous yet schizophrenic crusades, it's becoming more and more clear. We need to save our children and ourselves from them.

Fired – For Love Without Marriage

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho, June 16, 2006 — The owners of a roller skating rink have fired an 18-year-old woman they called one of their "Top 10" employees because she moved in with her boyfriend, violating a company ethics policy that prohibits "live-in relationships of an intimate nature."

"I loved my job and I didn't want to leave," Crystal Plotner told the Coeur d'Alene Press this week.

She said she was fired after casually telling her bosses, Skate Plaza owners Marvin and Pat Miller, that she planned to move in with her boyfriend in mid-May.

Before terminating her, Plotner said the Millers said she and her boyfriend should "check out their church." She declined.

"Even if I had gone to their church, I don't think it would have saved my job," said Plotner, who worked at Skate Plaza for three years and made $9.25 an hour. "They didn't want me to live with my boyfriend. They were pushing their religion on me and I was offended. I don't have the same religious beliefs as they do."

Pat Miller praised Plotner, saying that "In all the years that we've employed people, she was one of the Top 10. It was a sad day when she left because everybody loved her."

But Miller added, "We've had our (employee) handbook out for many years and it does say if you live in an immoral way with a member of the opposite sex or same sex, you will be terminated."

Miller said that in talking with Plotner, they were approaching the issue as employers, friends and Christians.

"Our advice is not to do this," Miller added. "It's fine and certainly her business that she did, but either we throw the handbook out or follow what's in it."

Pat Miller said they attempt to set a good example in the community because their business draws young people.

"If we owned a roofing company, it wouldn't have mattered," Pat Miller said. "We screen our music carefully. We have a 4-inch rule. We don't allow petting, necking or bad language. You have to decide, what kind of establishment do you want to be? We want parents to feel comfortable bringing their kids here."

She said it is the first time they have fired someone for living with a boyfriend or girlfriend, though they have rejected some applicants for that reason.

"When we first put it in we checked with our attorney, and he said we could do it as long as it's consistent."

Skate Plaza's moral and ethics policy also bans such behaviors as "public displays of promiscuous activities, homosexuality, intoxication, use of profanity, lewd behavior, use of illegal drugs, child abuse, spouse abuse, unlawful relationships, cross-dressing, stalking and nudity."

Leslie Goodard, director of Idaho's Human Rights Commission, said the policies don't appear to violate Idaho employment law.

"There is no statute that directly prohibits discrimination based on marital status, and sexual orientation is not protected," said Goodard.

But Jack Van Valkenburgh, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Boise, said Skate Plaza might be violating federal discrimination laws.

"It sounds to me as though they're pushing their religious view of what a proper living situation should be," he said.

For her part, Plotner said she's through with Skate Plaza.

"They're already judging me for how I live my life and it wouldn't be the same," she said. — via The Associated Press

In case you missed it: Whose example of forgiveness and peace in this incident is stronger? The misguided couple trying to force their ideas about morality on everyone by, ah, cold-heartedly firing a good employee? Or the girl they've deemed as immoral who doesn't begrudge them, who essentially turns the other cheek?

And my favorite part of the article is when one of the holy rollers demonstrates her ignorance far and wide so we all will be sure exactly what kind of redneck dumbass she is:
"...Either we throw the handbook out or follow what's in it."

Memo to Ms. Miller: Since you wrote the handbook — and since it's kind of lame, anyway — maybe throwing it out is better than what you did. See, those of us who are confident in our faiths don't even feel the need to have a handbook. Take a lesson.


Let the Millers know what you think about their handbook. E-mail them at info@skateplazacda.com.


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