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Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Point: Mary Matalin Is A Disingenuous, Morally-Bankrupt, Brain-Dead Whore For Republicans

I don't really know who Mary Matalin is (according to Think Progress, she's "a former counselor to Vice President Cheney and an influential strategist for the White House"), and I probably could care less. She's tripping all over herself these days to be Ann Coulter's defender. If that isn't a position akin to being a fluffer on an animal porn set, I don't know what is.

Check out the disingenuous drivel that falls so easily from this woman's lips:

IMUS: What did you make of the Ann Counter deal?

MATLIN: I take her larger point that in the absence of being able to make persuasive arguments you throw out messengers that — can’t be — it’s politically incorrection to argue with, you know the verbiage is a little, a little stressful.

IMUS: So you thought her comments about these women…

MATLIN: I take her larger point, which is —

IMUS: Why can’t you comment on her calling these women harpies.

MATLIN: Because that’s not her point. That’s completely not her point.

IMUS: Well no, but saying that they were happy their husbands got killed and were going to divorce them. And yeah, that they’re getting long in the tooth. Maybe they ought to think about appearing in Playboy, which is an option.

MATLIN: What do you think about her point? Her point that you can’t — you know Cindy Sheehan — if you throw yourself in the political arena, then you should be able to address political issues, and people should be able to speak back to you.

IMUS: I agree with her point.

MATLIN: Well, then that’s what I agree with.

IMUS: But I think it’s repugnant and repulsive and gutless to, and cheap and cheesey to call these women all these names. I mean, whether it’s right or not, it’s just something there’s just. You don’t go there.

MATLIN: That’s her stock and trade.

IMUS: But I’m surprised that you won’t condemn her for these repugnant remarks.

MATLIN: I don’t know her. I haven’t read the book.

IMUS: You don’t have to know her. You know what Hitler did. Did you you him? You condemn what he did.

MATLIN: Are you comparing her to Hitler?

IMUS: No, I’m not. Of course not.

MATLIN: This is the point. This is complete the point she’s making. These lefty crazy people go around calling us [unintelligible] and Hitlers and Nazis and everything and nobody say anything. She calls somebody a harpy and you’d think that the whole world was on fire.

No offense, but if that is/was truly Coulter's point (and I'm not at all certain she ever has a point beyond being a hot-headed ignoramus), it's up to her to make that point — succinctly, level-headedly, intelligently. If it's necessary for Matalin to translate and decipher Coulter's ramblings into something coherent — it's a point not made.

See, according to Mary Matalin, the way you make your point — the careful, reasoned language in which you craft it (that is, those of us with a maturity level beyond that of a 12-year-old) — is unimportant. Being sensitive, civil, unbelligerent — those are just quaint, superfluous values that don't augment or detract from your message.

When you have partisans defending the outrageous behavior of their most staunch spokespeople — no matter how outrageous their actions and diatribe are — it is certainly easy to see why civilized discourse in this country has become M.I.A.

Fine. You know, I think Mary Matalin — and Ann Coulter, too, for that matter — is an ignorant cunt-faced imbecile, soullessly clutching for power and defending characterless people just like herself because — by playing the loyal girl — the men in her party pat her head from time to time, slap her on the ass and say she "done good." Lacking any real moral compass or sense of worth, she continues to be easy prey for the Republicans she serves — and services. It's probably well past time she got off her knees, wiped the cum stains from her chin and endeavored to create a place in the world that would reveal her inherent worth — rather than chronically being a spaced-out fuck toy passed around by her right-wing pals.

Yikes.... I guess that was kind of harsh. But, no harsher than this. And, well, you see my point, right?


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