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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Who Would Allow Themselves To Be Impregnated By This Man?

I missed this report in November from planetout's Chris Bull. Once piece of information -- which I didn't know before -- completely shocked me.

Karl Rove has children???

Blaming the System

Karl Rove, Bush's ubër-strategist, was spotted shortly after the election at a trendy Dupont Circle hair salon with a large gay clientele.

A well-connected D.C. gay activist, sitting in an adjacent chair, told Bull's Eye that Rove, whose nearly bald head requires nothing more than a trim, sat down with a satisfied grin.

"I hope you're happy now," the activist told Rove, whose grin hardened into a smirk.

It was only by the grace of the employees that Rove, who steered Bush to re-election through the adroit manipulation of 11 anti-gay marriage measures, wasn't picking himself off the sidewalk.

I'm not relaying this story to out Rove. He's not gay. But he is a hypocrite. He runs in an elite Washington, D.C., political world where queerness is a non-issue. He socializes with gay men and lesbians; he picks his kids up from an elite school alongside same-sex parents. Several of his top political operatives are known to be gay.

Yet there he was on Fox News, the day after the election, bragging that the Bush campaign's emphasis on "moral values" had been decisive. The Federal Marriage Amendment, he declared, is necessary for the return of a "hopeful and decent" society.

This moralism comes from a man who Wayne Slater, author of "Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential," argues is utterly devoid of "moral values."

"I know Karl real well," Slater, who covered Rove as a reporter at the Dallas Morning News, told Bull's Eye. "Everyone wants to know what his true core beliefs are. The answer is that he has none. He is no more anti-gay than he is anything else.

"His whole thinking is about what mobilizes constituencies for his candidate. If he thought a tolerant approach to gay people would work, he would use that. The genius of his approach is that he's completely detached from the emotional quotient of these issues. He thinks purely in terms of winning and losing."

Rove, who is said to be a devoted father, did show a glimmer of a conscience after one of the most divisive elections in recent American history. In a post-election interview, he responded defensively to critics who charged that his political tactics are an unholy mix of dirty tricks and bigotry.

Rove had an answer: Don't blame me, he said, "blame the system."

The system made me do it. There's that old conservative sense of responsibility the nation has been missing during the Bush years.

Link --> http://www.planetout.com/news/feature.html?sernum=995


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