In a country that doesn't (officially) recognize state-sponsored religion, whose Constitution says "all men are created equal," where bigotry and bias are abhorred — why do otherwise intelligent and sensitive people feel they can engage in hate speech against gay people?

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Thanks, George Bush, Et. Al.

I just got back from a wine reception this evening. As I mingled, one topic that came up here and there was the "Defense of Marriage" Act George Bush and his pals have decided to push to the fore this week. I'm an openly gay man; I have no problem speaking publicly about this issue. What I wasn't prepared for, however, was the overwhelming support I heard — from all sorts of people. Straight people said they feel the measure is discriminatory and illogical. People 30 years older than me said they feel this is a bad time in our nation's political history. Everyone — every person to whom I spoke — expressed solidarity, support and encouragement.

Granted, this was an event associated with an artistic endeavor. Still, the folks present weren't all artists. There were donors, fans and board members. I can't be sure, but I assume people from both major political parties were present. It wasn't a group of liberals, by far.

Again, I didn't expect this — and it really struck me. Sometimes I can grow really disenchanted with "America" — meaning, I sense our country is headed in the wrong direction because we simply have the wrong leaders at times. But, Americans — "We, the people" — never let me down. We're generally good people, looking out for each other, realizing we all live here together — a proud country with a proud tradition of recognizing each of our inherent dignities and staunchly believing in liberty and justice for all.

So, thanks, guys. Had you not endeavored to be such intolerant despots this week, the conversations tonight might never have happened, and I wouldn't feel as comfortable and proud to be a gay American.


Blogger LadyCelticFire said...

No dear, Thank You. My husband and I support you. But we don't have HALF the courgae you or other gays do. We are safe to walk down the street holding hands. We are safe to get married and raise children. I HOPEthat someday the stupid people will all just disappear. We are raising our daughter to see ALL people as equal. Black, white, red green gay straight and in between :D

9:18 PM, June 09, 2006 <$BlogCommentDeleteI

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